Are ? The who, what and why our company exists

Inn - Coming soon!

Our place to socialise and enjoy the company of your friends. InnCarNation is more than meets the eye. We are building a community. Within the walls of our Inn we will invite car clubs to host their meetings in a comfortable room surrounded by all the things we love. You can also drop in for a drink, a meal or to see one of our latest projects on display.

Car - Coming soon!

We cover all things vehicle related. Do you have a car that needs restoring or just a minor tidy up? Are you after a particular vehicle for your Sunday drives or collection? At InnCarNation we are here to help you realise your dream as we are like you true enthusiasts. We not only collect the vehicles for ourselves we drive them as often as possible!

Nation - Coming soon!

Our club for like-minded individuals. Are you looking for a car club that caters for all vehicles? Are looking for some people to go on weekend drives with to clear the stress of the working week? Then contact us about joining Club InnCarNation Inc. We also offer club historic registration for vehicles over 30 years of age.


We are like you true enthusiasts. We build, collect and enjoy classic, muscle and sports cars. Contact the team at InnCarNation to see if we can help you in any way possible! It’s your world driven by passion!


Apply here to place an ad, sell or request a vehicle